Peru Steps Into the Limelight – 25 Magazine: Issue 2

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Peru is arguably specialty coffee’s best-kept secret. Despite producing some of the planet’s most mouthwateringly delicious coffees, outside of a small subsection of the industry it rarely receives the recognition it deserves. That changed in September when, after nearly seven years of planning, Cup of Excellence arrived in Lima.

Photo: Jonathan Meadows

By DARRIN DANIEL and GEOFF WATTS for Issue 2 of 25 Magazine

Cup of Excellence (COE) is an explosive catalyst for change that has unlocked the door to advancement for growers in every country it operates, forever altering the trajectory of both individual farmers and entire regions.

With 117 competitions conducted and 2,975 lots of coffee auctioned, the program has established itself as the premier coffee competition in the world, and brings with it a global audience of coffee buyers hungry for access to exceptional quality.

It is a device for discovering hidden potential and enabling coffee producers – regardless of the resources they possess or those they lack – to seize opportunity and catapult themselves onto the grandest of stages. It is a powerful magnet that pulls together farmers and roasters who, once connected, realize how much they can help each other.


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