Host: Cypher Urban Roastery We believe in engaging everyone in the coffee community from farmers to brewers and nurturing strong relationships across the coffee supply chain by providing support and education to businesses and like-minded people. We do our best to equip and empower our partners in the coffee community so that they in turn can contribute to the value chain.

Being a center of excellence and a prime player in the UAE coffee scene, it’s only natural for Cypher to expand its reach into coffee educational programs. As the pool of talent grows across the region, coffee enthusiasts and professionals can count on us to help them expand their knowledge base and prepare for the real world. At Cypher, we offer a wide range of training services including Cup of Excellence, SCA, and CQI preparation as well as custom courses offered through the Cypher Academy


AED 6405.00 Tax Included.



Over the four-day course, you will participate in:
 In-depth lectures and discussions on COE, specialty coffee, and what makes COE
coffee unique.
 Various sensory exercises are designed to help you grow in perceiving and
understanding aroma and taste. These exercises will be the start of learning to
calibrate with the group.
 Tastings are designed to demonstrate the importance of the correct cupping procedure
and the effects of different variables on cup profiles.
 Understanding common defects in coffee.
 Learning about the COE method for scoring coffee.
 Calibrating with a diverse group of cuppers over multiple cupping sessions.
 Introduction and discussion around COE’s unique way of evaluating cuppers’ skills and
 A test designed after the program COE uses to select National Jury members.
Classes will begin at 9:00 and finish between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm with an hour break
for lunch, which will be provided. Be prepared to experience the Cup of Excellence
(COE). You’ll cup many different coffees, processes, and cultivars, practice the logistics
and cupping protocol of a COE cupping, and take an exam just like National Jury
sensory professionals. This will show you how you are calibrated with the rest of the jury
and your sensory confidence with representative scores samples.
In the first two days, we focus on COE cupping, the protocol of identifying qualities,
identifying common flavor attributes, scoring, and a common language. We then will
advance to expose all participants to a technical approach to our quality variables,
different varietals, and some common defects. Sessions include lab, lectures, and
active discussions. We will also provide coffees from other countries for you to taste and
learn about; processed naturals and honey/pulped naturals & varieties, etc.
The third day will be filled with multiple cupping and calibration sessions. The fourth day
of the class will be the “test” with three cuppings back-to-back.
We’ll be actively standing during cupping and seated for discussions, so please wear
comfortable clothing and shoes. No use of perfume or cologne is allowed. Lunches are
to be provided.
Please bring a notebook and, if you like, samples of your roasted beans. You’ll have the
opportunity to see other coffees from other attendees.

You will receive a COE cupping spoon, and other fun things at the beginning of the
class. Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion signed by
your instructor.  Within three weeks, you will receive an email containing your testing
results. The information you receive will be in the same format as those who undergo
national jury testing.
This experience is intended to share the Cup of Excellence program with you, improve
your cupping and sensory evaluation skills, and share with others in a jury setting. This
is the best way to learn and calibrate your sensory skills. Thank you for joining us.

Alex has worked in specialty coffee for over a decade. In 2005, Alex started as a barista
in Eugene, Oregon. In 2009 he competed in and won the Northwest Regional Barista
Competition in the United States. Alex has worked barista shifts in Iceland and Sweden
and has volunteered for numerous national and international coffee events. In 2012
Alex joined the team at Portland’s Heart Coffee Roasters. Over nearly six years at
Heart, starting as a barista, Alex advanced to directing training and managing quality
control and green buying.

Alex is currently the Sr. Education and Project Manager for the Cup of Excellence. In
this role, Alex instructs and drives Coe courses and education initiatives globally. Along
with his efforts to promote COE education, Alex also works as a head judge for CoE
competitions and ACE Private Collection Auctions. Alex has instructed courses in over
15 countries.

Alex enjoys traveling and experiencing Oregon’s incredible natural beauty and Cats. He
is also a pretty good cook.


Registration for this course will take place through Cypher Urban Roastery. You can
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This class is subject to the terms and conditions of Cypher Urban Roastery.